Wednesday, March 17, 2010

If only it all had some kinda thing that did something and stuff....

So sitting here blankly trying to think what i should write this post about I noticed that down the bottom in the suggested labels for this post section, scooters were suggested. For that to happen doesnt that mean it would have to one of the top hits or something some where on this site? And if so then wtf? Who honestly likes scooters they are the dumbest invention ever! In case you havent worked it out i hate scooters 1 because i skate and 2 because they are the dumb half breed between bikes and skateboards the mutant retarded inbred cousin that spawns as a result of some dumb fuck who needed to wear a helmet a little more and not smoke so many drugs.

So in case that was not clear SCOOTERS ARE GAY ! Ride a skateboard!

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  1. could have sworn I already posted a comment here, oh well. I have to say I agree with you, scooter kids are annoying, little lad spawn.